"In occasions like these," the boss told me, "everybody has to pull his personal weight in addition to a little a lot more. Expertise is more than just adding up years. It's important to understand some thing, also."

I was sore, sure. But when I calmed down I realized he was ideal. I decided then to begin finding out. I signed up for an I.C.S u boat models . Course, studied at house in my spare time.

Then I went back towards the plant. The boss was so impressed with my I.C.S. diploma, he gave me a different try... and soon immediately after I even got a raise!

TRAINED guys are in demand.

It's a reality. Suitable now you will discover plenty of job possibilities for trained men. How do you get instruction and hold down a job simultaneously? Simple. Study with I.C.S. at house, in your spare time, at a price of only pennies every day.

I.C.S. is definitely the oldest and biggest correspondence college. 256 courses. Small business, industrial, engineering, academic, high school. One for you personally. Direct, job-related. Bedrock information and theory plus sensible application. Comprehensive lesson and answer service. Diploma to graduates.

3 Cost-free BOOKS 1. "How to Succeed," a gold mine of job guidelines that could open your eyes to your personal mistakes. 2. An outline of job possibilities inside the field of your choice. 3. A sample I.C.S, lesson text. Send for them these days replica hublot watches .

For Actual Job Security-Get an I.C.S. Diploma!

I.C.S., Scranton 9, Penna.

Member, NationalHome Study Council

I saw my job failure in my family's eyes (May, 1956)

I.C.S. has by no means had any compunction about working with a man's and to sell their hublot replica paypal .

I saw my job failure in my family's eyes

. but how they smiled when I.C.S. pulled me through

Take it from me. That's the difficult strategy to discover a error.

I thought I was in strong down at the plant with my years of knowledge. They'd in no way lay me off.

But they did. And I was in solid -as extended as business enterprise was fantastic. But when issues began acquiring tight...

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